Food Vloggers and Cool Girls

This blog started out with posts about my take on writing and storytelling (and how I came to write a novel), followed by my views about the ethics of assisted dying (which is what my novel is centred around). However, the ethics of death are not limited to the terminally ill. You can be young and full of life, free from illness and depression, yet you can still be brought close to death via the unethical actions of others, and all without even leaving your bedroom.

The following attained by vloggers who promote their ideas about diet and ‘wellness’ are a high profile example of the rise in the culture of fashionable ignorance that the internet has brought us, where being ‘cool’ and shouting loudly attracts more attention than being right. There is no shortage of photogenic girls offering their weird and wonderful notions about what constitutes the best diet to follow. A universal trait amongst these vloggers is that none of them has any recognised medical qualifications, and not one of them ever wants to talk to an accredited professional about food science.

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