This blog outlines the journey of how a story was created, from the specifics of the story itself to the generalities of writing and storytelling, and is interspersed with the ethical issues raised in the narrative. I hope it will serve as a source of detailed answers to the questions asked by people who would like to know how I started with a blank piece of paper and ended up with a story of over 330,000 words. If it also provides encouragement to anyone who is considering a writing project, then I will be doubly satisfied to have helped others to fulfil a dream.

As a blog that tells a story, it needs to be read from the bottom upwards. I hope you will find it sufficiently interesting to work your way back up to the top and consider the journey worthwhile.

This is the start of my online writing, and I cannot be sure how this blog will develop, so any advice from experienced bloggers will always be appreciated.